Product (Physics)


A mini nursery


Night and Day


Weather observation with the Cobra4 Mobile-Link


Mirror your tongue




A matter of taste


Very close


Feeling fine


Hot or cold


Sound waves






A look at your eye


Near and far


The upside down candle


Blind spot


Two eyes see more than one


A useful trick


Temperature sensitivity of the skin


Spreading of smells


Tactile sensitivity


Vibrations in the air


Lens shapes


A look at shapes and colours


Measurement of respiratory volume


Calibration of a thermometer


Temperature measurement


Temperature of mixture


Wool as thermal insulator


Air (feathers) as thermal insulator


Thermal insulation


Heat of evaporation of water


Heat of evaporation of spirit


Lowering of the melting point with salt


Ice floats


One magnet, five metals


The divided magnet


Absorption of thermal radiation (light)


Thermal convection in water


Thermal conduction in glass and metal


Thermal conduction in water


Production of gypsum plaster


Processing of gypsum


Plaster moulds


The sinking of a paper clip


The soap boat


We study a flower


Calibration of a force measuring instrument


The two-sided lever


Save energy, use pulleys


Merely dirty


Soil aeration


A quick run trough


Underfoot forces


The magic wand


A balloon in a flask


The postcard trick


Hot and cold air


Fresh and spent air


The thirsty candle


Water and ice


Sweet and salty solutions


An egg in water


A refrigerator in a bottle


Colder than ice


Soft and hard water


Soap suds


Water and oil - separate and together


A wall of water


A drop of water


Clean water


Thermal expansion of air and water


Thermal expansion of water and methylated spirit


States of aggregation of water


River bank filtration


Ice floats ? Maximum density of water is 4 °C


Water content of natural substances


Dissolved components in different waters


Solutions, colloids, suspensions


Hardness of water


Test for water


Is air nothing?


Air pollution


Measurement of length


Measurement of time


Determination of the mass of solid and liquid bodies


Determination of the volume of regular and irregular bodies


Determination of the density of solid bodies


Determination of the density of liquids


Forces during the expansion of solid bodies


Volume expansion of solid bodies


Determination of the volume of liquids and solids


Determination of the volume of gases


Determination of the density of solid bodes with equal massand different volume


Examination of soil horizons


Measurement of forces


Force and reaction






Hooke's law


Bending of a leaf spring


Bending of a leaf spring


Calibration of a dynamometer


Force aligned in the same and opposite direction


Combination of forces; parallelogram of forces


Force on a pulley mounting


Finding the center of gravity




Reaction forces for an unloaded beam


Reaction forces for a loaded beam


Restoring force on a displaced pendulum




Rolling friction




Types of friction


Coefficient of friction


Beam balance


Double-sided lever


One-sided lever


Force and displacement on a fixed pulley


Force and displacement on a free pulley


Block and tackle formed from a free and a fixed pulley


Block and tackle with four pulleys


Force and displacement on a step wheel


Gear mechanisms and belt drives


Mass and weight


Extension of a rubber band and helical spring


Hooke's law


Making and calibrating a dynamometer


Bending of a leaf spring


Force and counterforce


Composition of forces having the same line of application


Composition of non-parallel forces


Resolution of a force into two non-parallel forces


Resolution of forces on an inclined plane


Resolution of forces on a crane


Restoring force on a displaced pendulum


Determination of the centre of gravity of an irregular plate


Frictional force


Determination of the coefficient of friction of an inclinedplane


Double-sided lever


One-sided lever


Double-sided lever and more than two forces


Reaction forces




Beam balance


Sliding weight balance


Fixed pulley


Free pulley


Block and tackle


Wheel and axle


Toothed gearing


Belt drive


Dynamic friction


Sliding friction as a function of the weight and area of bearing


Burning iron




Linear uniform motion with the demonstration track and the timer 4-4


Free fall




Potential energy and tension energy


Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy


Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy


Light and shadows




Mirror images of the shadow


Playing wih mirrors


Playing with a spoon


The lost coin


A lens made of water


The book of mirrors


The bent mirror


The look into infinity


The labyrinth of light


The rainbow CD


What a lens can do


Propagation of sound in air


Propagation of sound in solid bodies


Propagation of sound in water


Noise level traffic lights


Lower and upper hearing threshold


Directional hearing


Bone conduction


Measurement of sound velocity


Reflection and absorption of sound


Uniform linear motion with the 2-1 timer


Comparison of uniform and non-uniform motion with the 2-1timer


Instantaneous and average speed with the 2-1 timer


Laws of uniform linear motion with the 2-1 timer


Laws of uniformly acceleration motion with the 2-1 timer


Velocity-independent and velocity-dependent friction with Demo-Track and Timer 4-4


Uniformly accelerated motion with an accelerating mass withthe demonstration track and the timer 4-4


Uniformly accelerated motion with an inclined track with thedemonstration track and the timer 4-4


Uniformly decelerated motion with the demonstration trackand the timer 4-4


Horizontal and oblique projectile motion


Zero gravity during free fall




Brine shrimp (Artemia salina)


Visualization of the vibrations of a tuning fork


Sound as a sine wave


Beat frequency


Fundamental, overtone and tone colour


Joined vessels


Hydrostatic pressure


Hydrostatic pressure with Cobra4


Buoyancy and floating


Archimedes' principle


Finding the density of solid bodies by measuring the buoyan-cy


Finding the density of liquids using a densimeter


Finding the density of immiscible liquids


Capillary action


Capillary action (with support material)


U-tube manometer


Hydrostatic pressure


Communicating vessel


Hydraulic press


Artesian well


Archimedes' principle


Density determination by measuring buoyancy


Discharge velocity of a vessel


Pressure in flowing fluids


Hydrostatic pressure measurement


Measurement of the hydrostatic pressure with a pressure element


Swimming, floating, sinking


Generation of sound waves