Product (Applied Sciences Engineering)


Modulus of elasticity / Youngs Modulus


Mechanical hysteresis






Torsional vibrations and torsion modulus


Moment of inertia and angular acceleration with a precision pivot bearing


Moments of inertia and torsional vibrations


Harmonic oscillations of spiral springs - linked inparallel and series with Cobra4


Forced oscillations - Pohl's pendulum


Laws of gyroscopes/ 3-axis gyroscope


Laws of gyroscopes/ cardanic gyroscope


Density of liquids


Surface of rotating liquids


Viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids (rotary viscometer)


Viscosity measurement with the falling ball viscometer


Surface tension with the ring method (Du Nouy method)


Flow Measurement / Ultrasonic Doppler effect


Mechanics of flow


Velocity of sound in air with Universal Counter


Velocity of sound using Kundt's tube and digital function generator


Acoustic Doppler effect with universal counter


Absorption of light (UV-VIS spectroscopy)