Product (Chemistry)


A mini nursery


Merely dirty


Night and day


Weather observation with the Cobra4 Mobile-Link


Mirror your tongue




A matter of taste


Very close


Feeling fine


Hot or cold


Sound waves






A look at your eye


Near and far


The upside down candle


Blind spot


Two eyes see more than one


A useful trick


Temperature sensitivity of the skin


Spreading of smells


Tactile sensitivity


Vibrations in the air


Lens shapes


A look at shapes and colours


Measurement of respiratory volume


Calibration of a thermometer


Temperature measurement


Temperature of mixture


Wool as thermal insulator


Air (feathers) as thermal insulator


Thermal insulation


Heat of evaporation of water


Heat of evaporation of spirit


Lowering of the melting point with salt


Ice floats


One magnet, five metals


The divided magnet


Absorption of thermal radiation (light)


Thermal conduction in glass and metal


Thermal conduction in water


Production of gypsum plaster


Processing of gypsum


Bimetallic principle